Compliance Package

HR Solutions LLC - Compliance PackageHuman resources is a heavily regulated environment, which means that organizations have to comply with several complex labor and employment laws.  Continued non-compliance could involve a substantial amount of money being spent on penalties that can actually be avoided.  Employment compliance is serious business.  Let HR Solutions assist you in establishing the right safeguards to you can put your mind at ease and concentrate on the operations of your organization.

What your compliance package includes:

  • A comprehensive review of current employment practices to identify areas of compliance risks and potential violations
  • Recommendations to minimize risk, including defined processes, recordkeeping and posting requirements
  • Review of employee exemption status (exempt vs. non-exempt) under the FLSA
  • An overview of potential risks in discrimination, harassment and retaliation
  • ...and other items

HR Solutions is here to mitigate your organizations risk by ensure you are compliant with federal state and local regulations.  Contact us today!