Workplace Safety


Prevention of workplace injuries should always be at the top of your business priority list.  We know that as an owner or leader of your organization, the plate is full of all sorts of operating challenges.  Let HR Solutions worry about those workplace safety prevention trainings.  We can customize your safety training, making it specific to your industry and your workplace challenges.  Call today to schedule your training.

The "Worst" Has Happened... Now What?

That phone call has come in.  There's been an accident, the emergency responders are on their way and your employees need your guidance.  Do you know what to do?  This training is designed for those individuals who will receive that initial call and those who will collect all the information in a neat and orderly fashion.  Safety prevention is important, but so is your response.  Your trainer is well-seasoned and excited to teach you everything she knows.  Contact HR Solutions today.