Employee Training

Bullying & Respect in the Workplace

Bullying affects the workplace environment by negatively impacting turnover, productivity and overall business operations.  This training is recommended for all employees, as it explains differences between bullying vs. criticism vs. harassment, how to avoid bullying and how to respond to others when faced with a bully problem.  Don't wait - schedule an in-person training session today.

Ethics in the Workplace

It is the responsibility of all employees to not only act ethically, but to know what to do if they suspect workplace behavior that compromises your business operations.  Employees and supervisors who are unclear of their expectations expose your organization to great liability.  Let's get your employees up to speed on workplace ethics today!

Harassment-Free Workplace

The goal of this training it to ensure participants understand the consequences and potential harm caused by inappropriate workplace behavior.  We cover protected characteristics, retaliation, third-party harassment and the federal laws that guide our workplace.  What are you waiting for?  Get your training scheduled today!

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment training is essential for every business.  The fines are costly and the damaging reputation is tough to recover from.  Educating your workplace and enforcing your policies are key steps in avoiding litigation.  Let's get started!