Leadership Training

Drug-Free Workplace

Drug and alcohol use has an enormous impact on your work environment.  Even if you workplace does not mandate drug and alcohol testing, awareness in your workplace is beneficial to everyone.  We can customize this training to be informative to all employees or this training can be supervisor specific.  Time to schedule your training!

Employee Hiring

Whether you are new to the supervisory role or you've been selecting your employees for quite some time, this training is important to attend.  Are you confident in the questions you can and cannot ask?  Do you need some help in separating the exceptional candidates from the others in that stack of applications?  Are you confident in your hiring process?  Come listen to what we have to say.  We promise you will learn a few things you didn't know.  Contact HR Solutions today. 

Employee Separation

Regardless of whether your employee is separating voluntarily or involuntarily from your organization, these are things you need to stop and thing about BEFORE that last day is determined.  This training is designed to get you prepared for that day using the BREATHE approach.  Let's get your training scheduled now.

Employment Law 101

Employees who are new to the supervisory role will benefit immensely from this engaging training.  These supervisors need a clear understanding of common issues in the workplace that have an impact on their team.  This is a very engaging training designed to minimize risk exposure for your organization.  Your supervisor will have all the tools they need to be an effective leader.  Don't wait to get this training schedule!

Meeting Management

We've all ben there.  The dreaded meetings.  What can be learned in a meeting that can be typed in an email, right?  Wrong.  In person meetings have great benefit when they are run properly.  Meeting management training - you won't be sorry you scheduled this one with your leadership team and supervisors.  What are you waiting for?

Performance Appraisals

Effective performance appraisals have a positive impact on your workplace.  Leaders who maximize the performance appraisal system will see increased motivation in their high achieving performers and will assist under performers on their path to timely improvement.

Workplace Violence

This training is designed to protect your business against lawsuits, liabilities and actual incidents.  We will cover important topics that will ensure leadership and that will help supervisors and employees know their roles and responsibilities.  We offer steps to assist in preventing workplace violence and how to respond in the event of an incident.  Let's schedule your training now!