Performance Management Package

HR Solutions LLC - Performance Management PackageWhether you're looking to implement your very first performance management plan or you need to improve your existing program, HR Solutions is here to help you navigate the challenges ahead in three easy steps.

Step 1 - HR Solutions begins by reviewing your position descriptions.  Have you ever taken a moment to understand the important role position descriptions play in your organization?  Position descriptions aren't just a checklist of duties that an employee performs, they are valuable:

  • when recruiting the right applicants for a vacant position in your organization
  • as you meet with a new employee when they've reached the end of their introductory period
  • when a supervisor is assessing the performance of a current employee at their annual performance review time
  • to doctors when they complete necessary paperwork for FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) related absences and the employer when they need to approve or deny leave requests
  • to worker's compensation representatives in order to assess an employee's ability to return to work without restrictions
  • when disciplinary action is necessary due to poor work performance

Whether your position descriptions are current, out of date or non-existent, HR Solutions can help make sure your position descriptions are a functional part of your HR process.

Step 2 - The next step in the performance management process is to put together a performance management plan.  This plan will serve as a road map for the supervisor and the employee so there is a consistent and transparent performance review process that is understood.  For many supervisors, performance review time is a dreaded time of the year.  A well defined performance management plan and supporting form will take some of the pressure off of supervisors when needing to determine how an employee fits into the established performance range.  We make it simple to determine if the employee is exceeding/meeting expectations or if improvement is necessary.

In this plan, we also assist in establishing:

  • Introductory review process and form
  • Performance Improvement process
  • Employee counseling & discipline procedure

Step 3 - HR Solutions will provide a training program for supervisors so they are confident in their role when it pertains to employee performance management.  Well trained supervisors minimize your risk of liability when discussing employee performance.

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