Retail & Service

Retail Stores/Convenience Stores/Insurance/Banking/Investment/Jewelry/Realtor/Lumber/Bowling Centers/Lawn Care & Landscaping/Floral Shops/Coops/Fitness Centers/Hair Salons/Newspaper & Radio/Vehicle Repair & Auto Body/Veterinary Services/Auction Companies/Funeral Homes

While each retail or service business has their own unique daily operations, they share many of the same challenges.  HR Solutions is here to help you navigate the continuously changing federal and state regulations that dictate how your workforce is managed.  HR Solutions is equipped to assist any business of any size to help avoid unnecessary litigation.

Some of the common challenges retail and service organizations face are:

  • Failure to manage worker's compensation claims
  • Lack of effective performance management system
  • Lack of safety training and unsafe working conditions
  • Miscommunication that can result in workplace conflict and result in litigation
  • Poor onboarding of new hires